Compact Bush Cucumber : How To Grow Bush Slicer Cucumbers

Cucumbers are of various types. There are vining cucumbers and then there are compact bush type cucumber plabnts. Today we will look at growing a bush type compact cucumber plant in containers.

Bush Slicer Cucumber
Bush Slicer Cucumber

This, bush cucumber variety is called bush slicer cucumber. The seeds we are using are from Renee’s Garden. You can find the seed packet photo below:

Renee's Garden Seeds
Renee’s Garden Seeds

This cucumber is a bush type, compact cucumber variety that be easily grown in containers. This variety of cucumber from Renee’s seeds has a high germination rate and can be easily grown in seed starting cells and then transplanted into containers.

Bush Slicer Cucumber
Bush Slicer Cucumber

Here is the complete growing guide on How To Grow Cucumbers

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