Tiny black pests on my Okra plant

Oct 10, 2009 | Garden How-Tos, Insect Control, pest control, Vegetable Gardening

Hey everyone!

Its beginning of fall here in Oceanside, California and I’ve noticed some pests on my okra plant. They seemed like aphids to me at first but it looks like these something else!

Black Pests On Okra Plant

Black Pests On Okra Plant

They seem to be sucking the sap and eating the leaves…not good at all.

Black Pests On Okra Plant

Black Pests On Okra Plant

They are right at the apex of the okra buds. I don’t think there’s much chance that the okra can survive.

But I have noticed that okra in general has tremendous resistance to pests, especially whiteflies. One of our okra plants was infested with whiteflies but still grew healthy and produced a lot of okra!

To get rid of these pests, I use this product by Dr. Bronners. Mix 1 tbsp per gallon of water and these pests die instantly

That’s all for now! Happy Gardening


  1. herekitty

    Greetings! I live in Houston TX, and just discovered bugs on my okra plants as well. They look like what is depicted in your photo. Dont much feel like getting dressed yet and running to store for spray, so tried a small amount of Dawn dish soap diluted in water in a spray bottle. I really gave them the business…right up until the dang spray bottle trigger broke. Sheesh those things are crappy these days. Anyhow, figured I'd let the bug/Dawn coctail bake in the sun for a while, then rinse. I'll let you know the outcome. Good luck to you.

    • Carol

      How’d the Dawn work? I have those bugs on my Okra!!!

      • Danielle Voegele

        did you try this on your okra plant? mine looks just like the picture.

  2. Emma C.

    I also live in Houston, Tx and had those bugs (probably aphids) on my okra, I tried spraying with a soap and cayenne mixture but it wasn’t very effective and I had to keep reapplying it. I did some research and decided to buy ladybugs, set them loose on my okra plant and there is not a single aphid and my plant is growing beautifully, I swear it’s over 6 feet tall. So if you want a truly natural solution, check if your local garden store has ladybugs.

  3. Dave Roberts

    I live in College Station, TX and as well have the little black criters .. I just wipe them off my okra when I harvest everyday and do not worry. I’ve watched them for years and they do not seem to upset my okra growth.
    For the last 3 years I have grown what has been called/named “Cow’s Horn”. This okra is incredible.. I have about 14 plants and pick about 2 dozen okra a day. Last year they grew to approx 12′ tall and this year they are at about 9-10′ at the present.
    I just put up to the aphids.

  4. Raymond Giddens

    I suspect that the black specks are aphids because on my okra, they are accompanied by black ants which I understand eat the sugary droppings of the aphids.


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