How to harvest zucchinis

Sep 11, 2012 | Vegetable Gardening

In today’s blog post, we will see how to harvest zucchinis the right way!

Zucchinis grow great in containers – I usually grow them in 16 inch Terracotta pots which I get from amazon. They also grow great in the ground. In Southern California, you can sow zucchini seeds from May thru Aug and get a good crop. Zucchini plants will keep producing as long as the external temps exceed 75 degrees during daytime.

So when do you harvest zucchinis? You can harvest zucchinis tender or mature. Tender zucchinis are more succulent and nice tasting. Mature zucchinis will produce more edible portions. The choice is yours, experiment with both!

Zucchini flowers are edible too and can be tossed in a salad. But be careful not to harvest too many of the male flowers (the male flowers are the ones without a fat bottom – no pun intended).

So when you get down to harvesting a zucchini, the best way to do it hold the zucchini and give it a nice, firm twist, until it snaps from the plant. This is the cleanest way to harvest it and it will not injure your plant. Avoid using knives and scissors to harvest zucchini as they can injure the plant (Zucchinis have tender stems).

You can see a demonstration of the harvest technique in the video below. Its been a great summer so far. Hope you all had a great summer too! Happy gardening.

View the video below:


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