Growing Ancho Poblano Peppers in your garden

Aug 17, 2013 | Vegetable Gardening

Ancho Poblano peppers are one of the best varieties of peppers you can grow in your home garden. They are a nice spicy and delicious variety of pepper you can grow. They are not too hot (Like Cayenne peppers) but not too sweet as well (like Bell peppers). They are almost the perfect combination of heat and sweetness. Some stores sell Poblano peppers as “Pasilla Peppers” which is actually the  incorrect name. Pasilla is the dried variety of the Poblano Pepper. The key to growing good sized Poblano Peppers is to give them a generous bath of Epsom Salt every 2 weeks or so. They will produce nice healthy peppers if done so. The Epsom Salt I use is this one: Epsom Salt for Garden. Poblano Peppers grow great in the  ground as well as in containers. In the video above you can see growing Poblano Peppers in half Whiskey barrel containers. To organically control insects, I highly recommend buying a Yellow Sticky Trap. Happy gardening!


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