Growing garlic and onion bulbs in containers

Jul 28, 2014 | Vegetable Gardening

Garlic and onions – they are fun and easy to grow, easy and very delicious and healthy. But like me, there are ,any more gardeners who feel it takes up a lot of space. This technique of growing bulbs in whisky barrels helps you save a lot of space.
So let’s start with garlic. A 6 month supply of garlic easily by growing them in whiskey barrel containers. Garlic can be grown year round in two planting cycles – plant in Spring for Fall harvest and then in Fall/Winter for Summer harvest. See our video guide to grow garlic in containers here: Onions are easy to grow too. They do require more fertilizer than garlic, which can grow pretty much without any fertilizer at all! Spanish onions are easy to grow and will provide you a lot of onions! See our video guide to grow onions in containers here:


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