How To Make Compost – The Easy Way!

Apr 30, 2015 | Garden How-Tos, Vegetable Gardening

For a lot of us, making compost is something we always want to do, but just like that new year’s resolution, we keep postponing things that are quintessential. For the gardener, compost is like Black Gold.
finished compost
In today’s episode we look at easy ways to prepare compost at home with just the basic ingredients – vegetable and fruit scraps, plant remains like leaves, stems and grass clippings.
compost bin
compost leaf mulch
We go over the composting process in detail, explaining each step so that you can make your own compost easily and provide valuable nutrition to your plants. We also list out what needs to go in your compost bin and what needs to be excluded. Compost is almost a necessity in any form of gardening. We hope you enjoy today’s post ! Happy Gardening!


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