Moringa Leaves & Pods Harvest Health benefits + 2 Recipes

Nov 4, 2015 | Vegetable Gardening

Moringa oleifera is also called “The Miracle Tree”. It is packed with a ton of nutrition and is very delicious as well.

Moringa Tree With Pods

Moringa – The Miracle Tree

Today we look at the benefits of the moringa tree and how the leaves and pods of the moringa plant can be out to good use!

Moringa Leaves:

Fresh Moringa Leaves

Fresh Moringa Leaves

Cooked Moringa leaves

Moringa Leaf Sabzi

Moringa leaves are packed with nutrients and are a complete source of protein with all essential amino acids. Did you know that plant based protein sources are better than animal protein? WHO recently declared some red meats as carcinogens so why pollute your body with those protein sources when you have easily available protein in the form of moringa! Moringa protein is an alkalizing protein,  which mimics the pH of a healthy human body. Hence it has anti-aging benefits as well.

Moringa leaves can be eaten fresh. Our video below has a delicious moringa leaf recipe with lentils which is sure to entice your taste buds.

Moringa leaves can also be dried and powdered and stored in a jar for a long time. They can be added to milk, smoothies and even water for a delicious moringa leaf drink. Its energizing and refreshing.

Moringa Pods:

Moringa Pods

Moringa Pods

Moringa or Murangakkai Kootu

Moringa Pods Kootu

Also called drumsticks moringa pods are also loaded with nutrients and taste so amazing that your will want to eat more and more. We use moringa pods to make a dish called “moringa kootu” which is super delicious!

Check out the video below to see moringa leaves and pods being harvested, as well as two delicious recipes!

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