Growing Dwarf Bananas In Your Garden – Dwarf Rajapuri Banana Tree

Everyone loves bananas! They are delicious, nutritious and hopefully after reading this blog article – they are easy to grow in your home garden as well!

Banana Bud/Flower
Banana Bud/Flower
Bunch Of Bananas
Bunch Of Bananas

In the video below, you will learn how to grow a banana tree. We look at all aspects on growing a banana plant from planting all the way to harvest. In this year spanning three years you will learn everything on how to grow and harvest bananas from your banana tree. In addition, you will get insights to questions like these:

– How to grow bananas at home
– How to grow banana trees
– How to plant banana plants in your garden
– How to grow banana plants in pots or containers
– How to care for your banana plant
– How much sun, water and nutrients do banana plants need
– How to harvest parts of the banana tree like the bud (flowers), stems and the fruits
– Growing bananas in California, Texas and other moderately warm climate zones
– When to get your banana plant indoors to protect from frost
– Whether you should grow in your banana plant in a greenhouse

And a lot more. So sit back and enjoy this 3 year journey on how to grow bananas!

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