Beneficial Insects You Want in your Garden – The Gardener’s Best Friends!

Apr 13, 2018 | Garden How-Tos, Insect Control, pest control, Vegetable Gardening

In today’s blog post, we look at some commonly found garden insects that are actually very beneficial for your garden So let?s meet some of these friends that you would love to have in your garden

Honey bees

Honey bees play a very important role in pollinating a lot of plants fruit plants especially citrus plants here in Southern California. In a typical Southern California garden you will be amazed at how many Honey bees exist around citrus trees. You can see them buzzing around citrus trees like oranges tangerines and limes.

Bumble bee

Its cousin the Bumble bee is a much larger bee, which has a unique buzzing sound and it pollinates a lot of vegetables like eggplants, cucumbers and squashes. The Bumble bees are so important that a lot of green houses actually use Bumble bees to pollinate the plants that are stored inside the greenhouse. They make a very unique buzzing sound as they go around and pollinate all your vegetables in your garden and as long as you don?t use pesticides in your garden you will have a lot of Bumble bees buzzing everywhere

Lady bugs or Lady birds

This is a very beneficial insect that preys on all the harmful insects for your plants like aphids and some other insects as well. Lady bugs are beautiful to look at they come in a variety of colors and in the Spring time and Summer time you will see a lot of Lady bugs in your garden and they would do a great job at eliminating the bad insects from your garden. If you naturally have them that?s good if not you could buy some live Lady bugs.

Earth worms

These harmless creatures are not really insects but they play a very important role in your garden. They convert a lot of organic matter into rich humus and they also play a very important role in furrowing through your soil making it nice and loose and adding a lot of valuable nutrients in the soil. They also digest small particles of soil like sand and then excrete them and their droppings called worm castings are very high in nutrients They play a very important role in decomposing your compost bin as well and converting them into worm castings and worm tea which will add a lot of nutrients to your soil. So earthworms are definitely the gardeners best friend! I hope you get to see a lot of these beneficial insects in your garden and by not using pesticides you will make sure these nice and beneficial insects are always there in your garden Watch our video on Beneficial Insects In The Garden

Happy gardening


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