EZ Composting With Mr. Spin Two Chamber Composter & Cates Garden Compost Thermometer

Sep 9, 2018 | California Gardening, Composting, product

In today’s episode we have two exciting products for you

  1. Mr Spin Two Chamber Composting Tumbler
  2. Cates Garden Compost Thermometer


  1. Composting Guide by Cate’s Garden
  2. Free eBook Dirt On Composting by Cate’s Garden

See our video on the review of these two products: Costco Compost Tumbler & Cate’s Garden Compost Thermometer Review

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  1. John

    Waoooo wonderful equipment!!!! Both have quit good specialty to improve gardening prospectus. Cates Garden Compost Thermometer make gardening easy for unaware people.

    Thanks for sharing these views.


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