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Jun 30, 2019 | California Gardening, Container Gardening, Flower, Fruit, Harvest, Herb, Monthly Gardening Series, Vegetable Gardening

Welcome to California garden in the month of June. Our
garden is alive with beautiful flowers, bounty of fruits and vegetables as
summer sets in. We will start with our garden tour, look at some harvests we
made this month, go over some things to do in your garden, and will take a look
at some cool gardening products.

Garden Tour ? Raised Beds, Containers and Fruit trees

We have black cobra pepper which has been overwintered from the last growing season, Anaheim chill peppers, little prince eggplants, Nombo giant okra, roma and grape tomato, pole beans growing on EZ trellis, Fava Beans, cucumbers, gourds and hyacinth beans growing in our raised beds.

Raised Beds

In containers, we have a loquat tree, overwintered
container prince eggplant, mango tree, volunteer tomato plant which is a heavy
producer, potatoes which are almost ready to harvest, a new eggplant variety
called the Amethyst. We also have some mint, super bush tomato plant which
yields large tomatoes, ivy gourds, pineapple, golden nugget tangerine, new mulberry
tree variety which produces larger mulberries, Parfinaka pomegranate tree growing
in containers towards the side.


And towards the back we have Madagascar jasmine, Thai
basil, Indigo tomato, blueberry, strawberry, betel leaves, Myer lemon, curry
leaf, Cherri Moya tree and a new variety of carrom tree growing.

Containers on the back

On the ground our fruit trees Rajapuri banana,
Washington Naval oranges, Arabian guava, pomegranate tree, gem avocado and our
Moringa tree are thriving in this weather.

Pomegranate Tree


Green Amaranth ? They taste absolutely delicious and are packed with vitamins and minerals.  



Pole beans

Pole Beans

Pole Beans

Lone cauliflower ? Our last cauliflower harvest for this season

Container Eggplant ? Our plants were not looking very healthy so we started feeding them the Vermisterra worm tea once every week and it has really bounced back since.

Container Prince Eggplant

Anaheim Chili

Anaheim Chili Pepper

Black Cobra Pepper or the Vietnamese dragon pepper ? Extremely hot pepper variety overwintered from last year. It really took off as warmer temperatures set in.

Black Cobra Pepper or the Vietnamese dragon pepper

Potatoes ? Yukon gold / Purple potatoes

Yukon Gold/Purple Potatoes

Tomatoes ? Volunteer, Indigo and the Italian grape tomato varieties

Volunteer Tomato

Italian Grape Tomato

Things to Do

Hand pollinate all your summer vegetables like
eggplants and tomatoes. Unfortunately, the bee population is steadily
decreasing and we need to employ manual pollination methods in absence of
natural pollinators.

Remove diseased leaves and stems. The discolored
leaves could be blight or rust and it?s better to discard them. Ensure you are
not tossing them in your compost bin.

Start a second crop of summer vegetable if your
existing plants are not producing well.

Prune plants like curry leaf which grow vigorously
during this season. They will start sending out new shoots and growth once you

Product review

In this section, we will be reviewing Gary?s best potting mix. They offer two varieties, top pot and acid mix potting soil. Top Pot contains peat moss, sand silt clay, charcoal, perlite, and no compost. The makers of this potting mix believe that compost starts decaying thereby causing harm to the root of the plants and their compost less soil mixes greatly enhance the performance of the soil. ?You can buy these at the Laguna hills nursery in Santa Ana, they also specialize in edibles and have a wide assortment of plants from fruit trees, succulents, flowers to vegetables.

Gary’s Potting mix – Top Pot and Acid Mix

Laguna Hills Nursery

Laguna Hills Nursery

We planted Loquat, pomegranate and Mango tree in Gary?s top pot mix, for a whiskey barrel sized container you will need about 1 1/2 bags of the mix and for a 7 gallon/ 16-inch container you will need less than a bag. You can add Osmocote which is a low release fertilizer if you want to provide more nutrients to your plants. We also planted some gardenias which have always struggled in regular potting mix and are excited to see its growth in Gary?s potting mix.

Mango Tree


Our initial thoughts on Gary?s potting mix are quite
positive. It?s well draining and looks to be of an excellent quality. Our plants
are doing really good and all the cutting that we planted in this potting mix
grew very well, each of them rooted and send out new shoots. We usually get a
lot of failures when planting cuttings but so far Gary?s potting mix has worked
miracles on our cuttings.


Here is a video guide of how our California garden looks in the month of June ? California Gardening Tour – June 2019

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