Harvest Mania! California Garden July 2021 Garden Tour Harvests & Gardening Tips!

Aug 2, 2021 | California Gardening, Container Gardening, Harvest, Monthly Gardening Series, Raised Bed Gardening, Vegetable Gardening

Harvest Mania - July 2021 Garden Tour

Summer vegetable harvests, tour of our California Garden, and our grow light giveaway winner announcement, and lot more in today’s episode of California Garden


We harvested basil, perpetual basil variety and the sweet basil that were growing in containers. Perpetual basil variety can be grown year around in So Cal. We also harvested bush beans, bitter gourd, and bottle gourd growing in the arched trellis between the raised beds. We harvested brussels sprouts, cabbage during the summer is always a surprise, Rio-Grande corn variety which have blue kernels and are not sweet, Indian thorned eggplant, black beauty eggplant, hyacinth beans, ivy gourds which are loving the hot weather, mouse melon aka Cuca melon /Mexican sour gherkin, different multi- colored okra varieties, and passion fruits. We continued to harvest peppers (green bell, big Bertha, Cajun bell, and cayenne pepper). Our peppers grew exceptionally well this year, we added worm tea every 15 days and granular organic fertilizer (AgroThrive) once during planting and reapplied after a couple of months. We also harvested Swiss chard from the self-watering raised bed, strawberries, Italian and Jalapeno peppers from our Green Stalk classic planter, mild Shishito variety pepper, Surajmukhi or the bird’s eye chili pepper, which are hot, some juicy pluots (plum apricot cross), and lots of tomatoes (cherry, red pride hybrid, Juliet, little Sicily, and beef steak).

Garden Tour

We will tour the raised bed garden starting with our first raised bed. We have cluster beans, tomatoes, different peppers varieties, kohlrabi, turnips, and eggplants growing in the first bed. We also added some pollinators plants like salvia to raised beds to attract bees. In the second raised bed we have asparagus beans, some carrots, cilantro to the side, some better belle-pepper variety, cauliflower, potato, and brussels sprouts engulfed amidst pollinator plants, salvia. In the third bed we have some hyacinth beans plants, lots of okra plants, some bush beans plants, bitter gourd along the trellis, and Cayenne pepper plant. Next raised bed has some bottle gourd plants, pepper plants that we just planted, carrots, eggplants Jambalaya Okra, mouse melon, and a tomato plant that is growing from last year. In the last raised bed some Okras, Indian white eggplants, bunching onions or shallots, Indian thorned eggplants, amaranth greens, ivy gourds which are thriving in this warm weather, and some lablab beans are growing.

In containers we have turmeric, galangal plant, black moon eggplant, okra, Shishito pepper, and Indian thorned eggplants. We also have hyacinth beans, Surajmukhi peppers, bush beans, snake gourd, some more tomatoes, pole beans, sun chokes, mint growing in the corner, San Marzano tomatoes, red chili peppers, white cucumbers, Black moon eggplant, red pride hybrid tomato, bitter melon and ivy gourds. We also have the millionaire eggplants, cluster beans, pepper, a dwarf nectarine tree, pigeon pea plants, and longevity spinach growing in containers. In our classic GreenStalk planter we have a lot of different plants growing, early flame Jalapenos, California cow peas, red okra, thorned eggplant, and peppers. In the GreenStalk leaf planter we just planted some strawberries, peas, spinach, beets, and cilantro after harvesting all our onions that were growing in the leaf planter. These two planters have saved us a lot of space in our raised beds to grow other varieties of vegetables.

In our fruit tree tour, we have strawberry guavas, pineapples which are producing fruits red, little miss figgy growing in a container producing figs, Parfianka pomegranate, pluots, and little gem mango growing. The plant produced six mangoes last year and one this year which is normal considering they fruit every alternate season.

Vipar Spectra Growlight Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to our lucky winner below who has won the Vipar Spectra XS1000 LED grow light giveaway.


  1. Kathy Pile

    Harvest time is a wonderful time. We reap what was sowed and get to appreciate fruits of our labor. Growing your own food truly is rewarding.

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    While growing any fruit, we need to from propagation of seeds to harvest them we need to take care of them so that we can get fruitful results. A small investment can give us high results.

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    I had no idea you could grow pineapple in California. What do you use to keep them at right temperature while growing?


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