Convert your existing Sprinklers to Drip Irrigation using the Manifold Technique

Jun 29, 2013 | Garden How-Tos, Vegetable Gardening

So if you are one of those who uses sprinklers to water their rose bushes and shrubs, you are not alone! I have seen many households which use Sprinkler Systems to water bushes and plants without realizing that most of it either evaporates or is scattered around the plant.  Sprinklers are great for watering lawns, but they waste a lot of water on plants and shrubs. So what’s a better alternative? Read below to find out!

Disadvantages of using Sprinklers to water bushes/plants:

  • Wastes a lot of water via evaporation and scattering
  • Increased water costs
  • High pressure water means a lot of water delivered quickly, faster than what most plants can absorb so a lot is wasted and drained
  • Scattering of water encourages weed growth

Advantages of Drip Irrigation:

  • Very easy to set up
  • Requires minimal tools and know-how to set up
  • Save water costs
  • Low pressure water is more readily absorbed by plants
  • Watering at the root zone makes sure water is optimally delivered
  • Since surrounding area is dry, drip irrigation discourages weeds

Int his video, we will show you how to convert your existing Sprinkler System and set up a drip irrigation system using the Manifold Technique:

Equipment used (Click for product description & reviews)

(Any brand or ) Rain Bird Drip Irrigation Manifold
1/4 inch tubing
Drip fittings
Drip stakes
Garden Staples
One Dial Faucet timer


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