Ridge Gourd Luffa or Turai or dodka or patola growing and harvesting

Jul 4, 2013 | Vegetable Gardening

Ridge gourd is a universal favorite! Also known as Chinese Okra, Ridge Gourd is a delicious vegetable you can grow in your backyard! It not only makes a great dish, it also has medicinal qualities.

Here is a video describing how to grow this lovely vegetable in your backyard! It can even be grown in a container.

Luffa are best eaten when small (less than 12 cm) and still green.

Other Names:

Luffa – Multiple languages
m??p h??ng – Vietnam
Tuppadahirekayi – Karnataka, India
Dodka  РMaharashtra, India
Turai – In Northern India as well as Pakistan
Jhinga or Nenua РEastern India 
Peerkangai – Tamilnadu, India
Sebot – Manipur, India
Ghiraunla – Nepal
Patola – Philippines
Chinese okra -Canada
Estropajo – Spanish

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  1. Nagesh Aithal

    Sir, I have been trying hard to grow ridge guard (Heere Kayi)here at Florence South Carolina. Even though the plants have grown very healthy and there are plenty of male flowers and female baby guards, the baby guards wither away before even blooming. They turn yellowish first and then get dry. Hence no pollination is taking place. I couldn't attach the photos. There are plenty of small black ants around the male flowers and female baby guards. Could you please help me understand why not a single ridge guard is growing in my garden? I tried diluted neem oil spray on the baby guards hoping to deter the ants but nothing happened. Greatly appreciate any help!


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