How to grow Moringa Oleifera

Aug 4, 2013 | Fruit, Vegetable Gardening

In today’s topic, we will discuss how to grow Moringa Oleifera from seed to tree! Before we begin, let’s understand how important superfoods like Moringa Oleifera are to our environment. 
A superfood is a food which has a high concentration of nutrients which the human body needs. To give you an idea, you have something made from all-purpose flour, which has no nutritional value and in some time you are hungry. This is because your body craves the nutrients and will keep you hungry till all the vitamins and minerals it needs can be provided. Now you can have a bunch of apples and oranges, maybe a carrot and a potato and get those nutrients. Or you could eat a few superfoods. Moringa is one of them. It has a plethora of vitamins and minerals packed into its fruits. So in places where nutrition is scarce, superfoods hold a tremendous value.
You can start Moringa from seeds or cuttings. However seeds are your best bet because they are easy to work with and the results are more guaranteed.
Here is the video to grow Moringa from seed to tree in your back yard:


  1. Visu

    Great videos, And its nice to see how the growth has been over the year. Mine is about a month old and the leaves are turning un-usually yellow. Would you know why?


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