How to use Neem Oil to organically control harmful garden insects

Apr 6, 2014 | Garden How-Tos, Insect Control, pest control, Vegetable Gardening

So let’s face it: Pests are a part of gardening. Whenever you grow something edible, its not only humans that eat it but there are also a lot of unwanted pests that are after your vegetable garden. Corn is a great example. The moment corn silks (the nice angel hair like structures) start forming, the harmful insects (pests) start their work. At this stage it is very important to have some sort of pest control. I am totally against using chemical insecticides for controlling insects in your garden. You are doing all the hard work of getting fresh produce from your garden so that you can provide a nice healthy life t your families. The last thing you want to do is use chemicals.  So lets turn to the organic alternatives. Neem Oil in my opinion is one of the most amazing discoveries ever made. Neem is very beneficial to humans and at the same time messes with the systems of insects and kills them. The beauty of the composition of neem is that it only affects harmful insects (pests) and not beneficial insects like bees. Here is a video demonstration of how to use Neem Oil to kill pests on corn, eggplant and almost any other plant in your garden: In summary, Neem is available as a concentrated oil. You mix the oil according to the directions on the label. Spray it using a gallon sprayer. We have done a lot of research on which Neem oil is good and what equipment you can use to spray Neem Oil. Neem Oil: Gallon Sprayer: Use the products above to get the best value for what you buy and do the best for your garden. Happy Gardening!!


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