Guide to Growing Eggplants – Tips and Harvest – Black Beauty, Japanese & White Eggplants

Apr 9, 2014 | Vegetable Gardening

Eggplants, Brinjal, Aubergines – No matter what you call it, they are a wonderful vegetable to grow in your garden. In this article, we will see some tips on growing eggplants and also see the harvest of Black Beauty, Japanese & White Eggplant. Here is a picture of all 3 varieties:
Eggplant Varieties
Left to right – Black Beauty, White and Japanese Eggplant Here is a video with great tips on growing and harvesting eggplants: Eggplants  can be started from seeds or plants. If starting from seeds, sow indoors 6 weeks before Spring Arrives. In 6 weeks, the plants will be mature enough to be transplanted in the ground.   Black Beauty Eggplant – Full bodied Eggplants, great for Grilling. Easy to grow and thrives in some areas. Very easy to find at local garden centers. Japanese Eggplant – Smaller and longer, great flavor, used in stir fry dishes. They have a unique flavor, try it out if you haven’t! White Eggplant – Creamy variety, best cooked and served with grains . Can also be grilled! As you can see in the video, Eggplants can easily be grown in Whisky Barrels. There are 3 eggplant plants growing in the whisky barrel in the picture in the video.
Eggplant Flower
Eggplant on a plant
Fertilizing: In the first 2-3 weeks of growing, feed eggplants with a well balanced high Nitrogen Fertilizer. Once you see solid green growth and when the plant starts flowering, stop the high Nitrogen fertilizer and switch to a low Nitrogen Fertilizer. Eggplants love taking a bath of Epsom Salt once every 3 weeks or so. This provides Sulfate, a very essential ingredient for eggplants. Eggplants also need Calcium so make sure you buy a fertilizer which has Calcium in it. Insects and Pests: Eggplants, Tomatoes, Peppers – they all have the same problems. Spraying with Neem oil is one of the best ways to get rid of fungal diseases and pests Happy Gardening!!


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