Easily grow Sweet Potatoes in Containers – Tips & Harvest

May 11, 2014 | Vegetable Gardening

In today’s blog post we will see how to easily grow Sweet Potatoes in Containers.

Growing Sweet Potatoes in Containers

What you need

  •  Sweet potato slips (Grocery bough sweet potatoes do just fine)
  • A glass half filled with water
  • Container – preferably 16” or wider
  • Compost or potting mix


This video goes over the technique in detail:


Sweet potatoes are very easy to grow. They need to be propagated from slips. Grocery stores sometimes might use growth inhibitors so its best to get them from the local farmer’s market. They need a fertilizer low in Nitrogen like Rock Phosphate. Water consistently and you will have a great harvest within a few months!

Happy gardening!


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