Curry Leaft Plant (Murraya Koenigii) – From Seed to Tree – The complete guide to growing this spice/herb in your back yard

May 3, 2014 | Herb, Vegetable Gardening

Murraya Koenigii is an aromatic, spice/herb which you can easily grow in your home garden. A common spice used in Indian dishes, this aromatic herb will add a lot of flavor to your cooking!

Curry Leaf Plant

Curry Leaf Tree

There are several ways to propagate the Curry. The most common method is via seeds. Watch the video below to learn and understand how to grow curry leaf trees from seeds:
Curry Leaf Tree needs to be fertilized during the growing season (Spring thru Fall). This is usually between March and September. Every month, feed a balanced fertilizer or a Nitrogen rich fertilizer to curry leaf plants.
The only insects which attack curry leaf plants are scale insects. They appear on the stems and leaves of the plants as waxy oval deposits. Its easy to get rid of them, just use 91% iso-propyl alcohol which you can buy at any drug store/pharmacy and use a cotton swab, dip it in the alcohol and clean and remove the scales. The scale insects will die when you rub alcohol on them. It also helps clean up the plant.
Hope you liked this post and hope you grow some wonderful, aromatic curry leaf plants in your back yard!


  1. Kash Nathan

    Hello CG, what an awesome video on the curry leaves. We live in Texas and would like to start growing curry leaves the organic way as you have demonstrate. Is there anyway you could send us some seeds or the fruit and we are able to plant it here. If there is a cost to this, please let us know how much and we could send you a check or PayPal. Thank you for sharing and we are so excited to grow some Indian spices in our garden, also if you have any instructions to grow turmeric and the seed to start off with that would be great.

  2. Rashmi Raj

    Hello, I really like your videos and tips. I am looking for a small curry leaf plant or even seeds that I can grow.

  3. Sri G

    We came across your youtube channel while looking for converting sprinklers to micro sprinklers in our vegetable garden. Thank you for the wonderful and informative videos.

  4. May C

    Hello, I am looking to purchase some curry leaf plants. Are yours available for sale? Thanks. I like your way of growing plants – simple and natural.

  5. Craig Raj

    I live in Ventura county Southern California. My curry leaf plant is in a large plastic container and till about a few months ago was doing very good. The green leaves started turning yellow and I noticed spiders web on the leaves which I would clean away. Now the leaves have started displaying black spots on the bottom. It looks like an infestation. I ahve cut all the leaves and trimmed it down and replanted it. I have also cleaned the stems with Dish detergent+vinegar solution. Is there anything else I should do? Please help!! Thanks

  6. lovemade4u

    Hello CG. My curry leaf plant has died and can you tell how I can revive them or if I can even revive them

  7. Samishka Menon

    Sorry for the long post but want to give u a clear idea of the ailments my plants have. My karipatta plants are looking very distressed… I have them in two containers ( they are about 8-10 years old) they were moved to their current container about 3 years back … Attaching pictures of both. One of them has these little black dots on the back of the leaves … Been there for about a year but I thought it was part of general unhealthy look of my plant. The other plant which is bigger & the parent plant has yellowish leafs, & the leaves are turning brown on the tips. Picture attached . They both get ample sun, watered mostly regularly. They used to be lush green but for last year & half they are like this. We had it in the same spot for several years so thought of moving it & Jan 2015 tried moving the big container, didn't realize the main root had gone into the ground & we tried pulling it but realized later we might damage it & hence left it. But I guess we had caused the damage & it was not the best of season time to do it. Since then there is the sad looking plant … No more lush green leaves. But it has been over a year we have been caring for it & it still has not restored to its original condition. But it does have new leaves & new saplings but the new leaves are also unhealthy looking. Please advise:
    1. Is it getting too much sun.
    2. Are the brown & yellow leaves due to watering issues over or under or inconsistent.
    3. What plant food can I give it to boost the growth, I use general miracle grow but is there a specific one for foliage.
    4. The container is big enough so I don't think we can change it we can only plant it in ground once we move in the next 2 years.
    5. What can I do about the black spots on the other plant.
    I also have a 10 year old pothos outdoors, has always been outdoors but it is also looking sick & dying leaves. I tried giving it support by wrapping a structure with coco fiber to train it to go up. The back of the plant not sun facing still has better leaves.
    Would appreciate advise/ feedback … Want to restore my plants to their old glory … Please help, will appreciate any feedback/suggestions.If u can please respond to Thanks.

  8. kiran kamath

    We live in San Jose. We have the curry plant in a container(~ 3 years old) and are wondering if it is safe to plant it in the backyard. Plant is about 5 feet tall now. Any recommendations on when is a good time to move from a container to the ground?

  9. Sonal Gandhi

    Thank you for posting such a detailed and informative post about the curry leaf plant. I have a very young curry leaf plant that is now about 10 inches tall. I live in Boston and have kept it indoors in a sunny spot in a clay container since I got it from Logees in February (middle of extremely cold winter!). As the days are getting hotter, sunnier and more humid, I have been moving it outdoors slowly to acclimate it (2 hours a day, 5 hours a day to now overnight). It’s been responding very well so far with new shoots and healthy green leaves. I keep on reading that it’s important to prune when it’s young but I don’t know when to prune mine. Should I wait another season before pruning or should I prune it now? I have it staked and the stem is still quite green and thin (not brown and sturdy like the one in your video). I would be happy to send a picture so you can see it!
    I’m an absolute beginner gardener and this is my first curry leaf plant – I’m super keen to keep it healthy and thriving. Any advice you can send my way would be SO appreciated. THANK YOU!


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