Growing Giant Vegetables – Size vs Taste

May 1, 2014 | Vegetable Gardening

If you ever went to the grocery store and wondered at the size of the onions, cabbage or jalapenos, you might have thought…Hmm…Can I grow these huge vegetables at home? Yes you can, these larger-than-usual sized vegetables are called Giant Varieties. Its easy to grow them, however they do require more water and fertilizing compared to their smaller counterparts. Some of you might have a misconception that giant vegetables are GMOs – that’s entirely wrong. Giant vegetables are hybrids but not GMOs. Farmers have been growing hybrid vegetable varieties for years now. GMO seeds are created by biotech companies which results in plants that can withstand herbicides, be planted extremely close and still yield as well etc. Hybrids are entirely different seeds, bred for maximum benefits like size, taste, etc. So watch this video to learn more about how to grow Giant Vegetables like Giant Cabbage and Giant Jalapenos: Remember that there is definitely one  trade off of growing giant vegetables: with size, you give up on taste. So what is more important to you? Be your own judge! But do give it a shot and grow some giant vegetables in your back yard – you will be pleasantly surprised! Happy Gardening!!


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