Growing & Harvesting Ginger

Apr 13, 2014 | Vegetable Gardening

Tips on Growing & Harvesting Ginger
How to grow ginger
Ginger is a great spice vegetable. It has a lot of medicinal properties and tastes amazing in dishes as well as teas. In this post, we will see some tips on growing Ginger! Tips
  1. Ginger tubers can be easily started with tubers bought from the farmer’s market/grocery store
  2. Ginger easily grows in containers
  3. Use a mix of 60% compost 40% soil for best results
  4. Use a low Nitrogen, low Phosphorus and high Potassium fertilizer for optimum results
Fertilizing: During the first few weeks, you do need a high Nitrogen or Balanced fertilizer to get a good start. You can use a good organic balanced fertilizer. If your compost is well done and you have good soil activity, add vermi compost and some blood meal to get a rich mix. During the growing season, optionally you can add a high Potassium fertilizer like Green Sand. This creates a high level of organic potassium in the soil and you will see an immense difference in the tuber size once you start using it. Pests: Due to the nature of the spice, this plant does not have any known pests. Fungal diseases may affect the plant, but is rare. Growing tips and harvest video: Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Gardening!


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