The California Heat Wave – How To Protect Your Garden

Jul 14, 2018 | Garden How-Tos

In today’s post we look at the heat wave of 2018 and its aftermath on the California Garden. Temperatures in Southern California reached 117 degrees and the sun was shining down relentlessly for a couple of days.

California Heat Wave

California Heat Wave

This extreme heat, which California plants are not used to, caused a lot of plants to wilt and burn under the intense temperatures. Temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit scorched and burned the plant leaves. You can also see tips on how to protect your garden from the heat wave and how to protect your garden from the heat by watering your plants, mulching well and using a shade cloth if needed.

Here is the detailed effect that the heat wave had in Southern California and some tips to protect your garden from a heat wave.


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