EZ & Cheap Garden Trellis

Jul 16, 2018 | Garden How-Tos

Creating a Garden Trellis for all your plants like cucumbers, melons, beans etc. should be cheap and easy. All the things you need to make your your own garden trellis are available at your local Home Depot

Finished product:

EZ Trellis

EZ Trellis Finished Product

What you need:

  1. Wire remesh, also called cattle panel or hog panel or just fence
    Trellis Fence

    Wire Remesh 7 ft x 3.5 ft

  2. Two Concrete Rebars 10 ft in length and 3/8 inches thick
    Concrete Rebars

    Concrete Rebars

  3. Two EMT Conduit Pipes 10 ft long and 1/2 inch thick
    EMT Conduit Pipes

    EMT Conduit Pipes

  4. Wire Ties or Cable Ties – 8 inches size
    Cable Ties

    Cable Ties

    To create the trellis, we follow some simple steps. Check out our video on How To Make a Trellis for more details:


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  1. Golinsky

    Wow. I’m going to try this out, looks easy to build. My pole beans and cucumber would love to climb on this. Thanks!



  1. vioglichfu - Thank you! Quite a lot of facts!

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