Garden Potpourri Episode 2 – Gardening Tips, Hacks & More!

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Garden Potpourri series. In today’s video we provide you lots of gardening tips and advice on how to do some common DIY things in your garden.

We begin with the GOR200 Gorilla Garden Cart tire assembly. Your gorilla cart or wheelbarrow tires will eventually wear out. We show you how to change a flat tire on your garden cart.

Gorilla Garden Cart Tire Replacement
Gorilla Garden Cart Tire Replacement

We then show you how to grow superfoods like amaranth in your garden. We go over the green and red amaranth varieties and how to harvest your amaranth greens.

How to grow superfood Amaranth
How to grow super food Amaranth

Finally we look at potato grow bags with side opening from where you can harvest your potatoes.

Potato planter bag
Potato planter bag

For seeing all these techniques, please see our video on Garden potpourri Episode 2

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