How To Grow Chrysanthemum/Mums – Chrysanthemum Plant Care, Propagation & Chrysanthemum Growing Tips

Dec 11, 2020 | Flower, Vegetable Gardening

In today’s video we look at how to grow chrysanthemum flowers in your home garden. We cover all aspects of growing chrysanthemum, including planting, plant care, pruning, and harvest.

Chrysanthemums come in an array of colors and are one of the most beautiful flowers you can grow in your home garden. You can start your plants from store bought plants. You can plant them in containers or ground, and they can tolerate indirect light as well as full sun. Chrysanthemums belong to the dahlia family which includes flowers like the sunflower, daisy, and zinnia. The plant produces abundant blooms and they come in a variety of breathtaking colors that can be used in any floral bouquet arrangement.



Chrysanthemums bloom once a year in most locations but in southern California they bloom twice a year, once in late spring and then during the arrival of the fall season. During blooming season remove the withered flowers and cut the dead stems, this keeps the plant clean and exposes the buds underneath to sunlight which will hasten their blooming process. Once the blooming season is over you need to hard prune your plants to the base and the plant will go into dormant state until the arrival of spring.

Chrysanthemum plants are not affected by any insects or diseases as it produces a chemical compound called Pyrethrin?s which deters insects; however, aphids occasionally may attack them. You can spray your plants with Neem oil or wash them with an insecticidal soap which should help with any aphid infestation. After three years growth it is essential to repot chrysanthemum, you can either repot the whole plant root or split the plant to propagate. Add potting soil or compost, earthworm castings, and some perlite to the container you will repot the plant in. You can feed your plants an organic knockout rose fertilizer once every 2 -3 months and this will help the plants grow back vigorously. Another way you can propagate chrysanthemums is by cuttings, dip the cuttings in a rooting hormone, and pot in a small container. Keep the cuttings well-watered and once they grow roots you can transplant into a bigger container.

Growing chrysanthemum is one of the most rewarding things for you in your home garden, one of the most beautiful flowers. Watch a complete chrysanthemum growing guide at How To Grow Chrysanthemum/Mums – Chrysanthemum Plant Care, Propagation & Chrysanthemum Growing Tips



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