Secret Plant Cuttings Propagation Tips No One Will Tell You!

Mar 16, 2021 | Garden How-Tos, Trending, Vegetable Gardening

In today’s video we share three secrets for propagating indoor plants or houseplants from cuttings and germinating seeds like onions and curry leaf that have a poor germination rate. Using this technique, you can easily propagate plants like pothos, betel leaf and many other houseplants easily.



Secret# 1



For propagating cuttings, you need some enclosure like this plastic box, next we will need is green moss. Green moss is different from the peat moss that you get powdered and commonly used in potting mixes. Green moss is retrieved directly from the source and is a wonderful medium to hold lot of water to root cuttings. Layer the box with 2-3 inches of green moss, water it thoroughly. Let the green moss absorb water for an hour or two before planting your cuttings. All you need to do is bury the nodes of the cuttings inside the green moss and close the lid of the box to make it air tight. The key here is to create humidity in this medium which helps these cuttings root. Place the box in a shaded location, or in filtered light nut not in full sun. Once you plant is rooted you can plant them in smaller containers with peat moss and perlite, and up pot them as they grow bigger.






Placing cuttings in the container filled with green moss





Potted cuttings once the roots emerge


Secret# 2



Here we will be using a small plastic container to root cuttings. You can use plastic containers in which they sell strawberries, blueberries in grocery stores, or even the containers that hold dishwasher tablets. They make an excellent and cheap green house. Add potting mix to your container, thoroughly water the potting medium. Here we are sowing some curry leaf seeds which have a very low germination rate. After sowing we will cover the plastic container with stretch cling wrap to trap all the moisture in to create a green house effect. After a few days you will notice that the seeds have germinated and tiny seedlings have emerged. You can then pot the seedlings in small containers.






Sowed curry leaf seeds





Covered with cling wrap to create greenhouse effect


Secret# 3



To propagate cuttings that are woody we are using plastic cups that you can find in any grocery store. Just drill a hole in the bottom of the cup and fill it up with your potting medium. We are just using a mix of peat moss and perlite. Since the basil cuttings are woody, we will scar it a little bit, moisten them well, dip them in a rooting hormone and then plant them in the plastic cup container. The V or the Y shaped cuttings are really good and all you need to do is scar them or remove the flesh to reveal the inside of the wood cutting prior to planting.






Rooting hormone for cuttings





Planting woody cuttings



To learn more watch the video at Secret Plant Cuttings Propagation Tips No One Will Tell You!





    Where can this moss be purchased?

  2. Amoos

    Love these secret plant cuttings propagation tips!. It’s amazing how many plants you can propagate from cuttings. One additional tip I’ve found helpful is using a rooting hormone to boost success rates.


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