The California Garden – Spring Harvests, March 2021 Garden Tour, Gardening Tips & More!

Mar 31, 2021 | Vegetable Gardening

California garden - March tour

Abundant spring harvests, a tour of our California Garden, some things to do, a Mars Hydro TS-1000 giveaway and many gardening tips and tricks to share in this video blog. 


 We harvested lots of spring vegetables like Detroit dark red beets from our GreenStalk planter and the golden beets that were growing in other containers. Beets are shallow rooted plants and grow very well in the GreenStalk planter. We continued to harvest broccoli heads and side shoots throughout this month, early cabbage variety, white, cheddar, and purple cauliflower, cilantro from the GreenStalk leaf planter, and kohlrabi also known as German cabbage. We also harvested Southern giant curled mustard greens, spring onions from our classic GreenStalk planter, gold nugget tangerines, shelling type peas, Oregon spring and beefsteak tomatoes growing in the raised beds, and spinach growing in the GreenStalk leaf planter.  


  • Collage of some of our harvests this month


    Collage of some of our harvests this month


 We will tour the raised beds first starting with the first bed. We have some carrots growing that will be ready for harvest soon and will make space to sow spring vegetables. We also have tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and California cow peas growing in the first bed. In the second raised bed we have some Romeo carrots, purple sprouting Broccoli, onions, elephant garlic, peas, brussels sprouts, some pepper plants and the Oregon spring tomatoes growing along the trellis. In the third bed we have some brassicas (cabbage and broccoli) growing. We have let our broccoli plants flower to attract pollinators and collect seeds for the next growing season. Next raised bed has some corn plants that we just planted, bottle gourd, carrots, and a tomato plant that is growing from last year. In the last raised bed we have some more purple corn, broccoli, cilantro, purple potatoes, bunching onions or shallots, purple thorned eggplants, and some lablab beans.

In the containers we have bunching onions, cilantro, cabbage, purple thorned eggplant, cauliflower, galangal plant, java plum, and pineapple guava. We also have a curry leaf plant, dwarf bears lemon tree, saffron, corn, Juliet tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, long carrots, pepper plants, mint growing in the corner, hyacinth beans which survived the cooler months, red pride hybrid tomato, more potatoes followed by garlic plants which are growing since November. We also have the millionaire eggplants, beets, pepper, a dwarf nectarine tree, tomatillo, ivy gourd plant, cilantro and longevity spinach growing in containers. In our GreenStalk leaf planter we sowed 42 onions bulbs and in the classic GreenStalk planter we sowed California cow peas, eggplants, jalapenos, and some radish seeds. We are excited to see how our plants grow in the GreenStalk planter, you can buy yours at – use coupon code CAG for $10 off! 


GreenStalk Leaf Planter



 GreenStalk Leaf Planter



  • Start preparing your garden for summer vegetables. We planted a Juliet tomato variety which is one of the best varieties to grow in your home garden.
  • Start saving seeds of your cool season crops. Here we are saving seeds of the Indian pale green spinach variety.


We are giving away one MARS Hydro TS1000 LED grow light to one of our viewers. We have been using this grow light indoors for many months, it?s a great quality grow light and has helped me germinate a lot of seedlings and even grow plants indoors and extend the growing season. If you would like to be entered in the giveaway you need to complete these tasks.

 The winner will be announced in our next monthly episode of California gardening. Make sure that you subscribe to our channel because we have a lot of giveaways planned for this year. You can buy one at – coupon code californiagardening



 Plants growing indoors under MARS Hydro grow light


We will be reviewing the 82 feet retractable garden hose by Hoselink in the gardening products section. It has a base that swivels so it?s easier to direct your hose to water different areas in your home garden. The hose is very sturdy and well built and is also available in 50 feet. The swivel base has anchors and secures easily to any wall or post using nuts. It comes with two connectors; one attaches the hose to your inlet and the other attaches to a watering wand. We installed a water filter to our water outlet which helps remove lime and other sediments that are present in the water. Once you install and turn the water on test for any leaks. 





 Hoselink looks compact and well organized with 82 feet of hose inside that reel. It?s very easy to use, just pull the hose to the area of your garden you wish to water and once you finish watering just give a slight tug and hose retracts back into place. The watering wand has many modes, shower mode to water plants, center spray mode that we use to clean produce, it also has a flat/jet mode which is helpful in clearing debris from my pots and containers. We absolutely love this product and will recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy a long garden hose for your watering needs. 











 You can buy Hoselink at – coupon code caligardening10 

Watch our complete video at ?The California Garden – Spring Harvests, March 2021 Garden Tour, Gardening Tips & More!?




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