Abundant spring harvests, tour of our California Garden, review of a cool gardening product, and announcing the winner of our Mars Hydro TS-1000 giveaway in today’s episode of California Garden.


We harvested lots of spring vegetables like Detroit dark red beets from our GreenStalk planter and red, golden beets that were growing in other containers. Beets are shallow rooted plants and grow very well during the spring season. We continued to harvest broccoli heads and side shoots throughout this month, early cabbage variety heads, Imperator, A1, and Romeo carrots, cilantro from the GreenStalk leaf planter, and Millionaire eggplants. We also harvested loquats, red and white onions, shelling type peas that was growing along the trellis, Salsa, Oregon spring and beefsteak tomatoes growing in the raised beds.

April Garden Tour


We will tour the raised bed garden starting with our first raised bed We have some red onions, cluster beans, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and California cow peas growing in the first bed. In the second raised bed we have some better belle-pepper variety, shelling type peas, white onions, elephant garlic, purple sprouting broccoli, brussels sprouts, Siberia and Oregon spring tomatoes growing along the trellis. In the third bed we have some cucumber plants, lots of okra plants, some bush beans plants, bitter gourd along the trellis, and Cayenne pepper plant. Next raised bed has some bottle gourd plants, corn plants that we just planted, carrots, more cucumbers, pumpkin, cabbage, Napoli squash, Jambalaya Okra, mouse melon, and a tomato plant that is growing from last year. In the last raised bed we have some more Dakota blue corn, broccoli, purple potatoes, bunching onions or shallots, purple thorned eggplants, ivy gourds, and some lablab beans. 

In containers we have bunching onions, cilantro, cabbage, purple thorned eggplant, cauliflower, galangal plant, java plum, and pineapple guava. We also have a curry leaf plant, dwarf bears lemon tree, saffron, sweet corn, Juliet tomatoes, potatoes, okras, cabbage, long carrots, pepper plants, mint growing in the corner, hyacinth beans which survived the cooler months, red pride hybrid tomato, more potatoes followed by garlic plants which are growing since November. We also have the millionaire eggplants, cluster beans, pepper, a dwarf nectarine tree, tomatillo, ivy gourd plant, cilantro and longevity spinach growing in containers. In our GreenStalk leaf planter we sowed 42 onions bulbs and in the classic GreenStalk planter we sowed California cow peas, red okra, thorned eggplant, peppers, eggplants, jalapenos, and radish. We are excited to see how our plants progress in the GreenStalk planter.


We will be reviewing the AgroThrive Organic General purpose and fruit & flower organic fertilizer. The fertilizer contains pre-digested organic nutrients that are readily available to your plants upon application. The product is OMRI listed, and is organic. The general-purpose liquid fertilizer is an all-purpose fertilizer that can be applied when the plants are young. The fruit and flower liquid fertilizer can be applied when the plants are flowering and fruiting, it has higher amounts of potassium which helps maximize the yield. Application is very simple, shake the bottle well, pour two ounces of fertilizer in a gallon of water and water your plants well with this mixture. Make sure you are drenching the plants well and water deeply (about an inch) with this solution. Organic fertilizers have bone meal, fish emulsion which have to be broken down by soil bacteria for them to be available for uptake by the plants, and AgroThrive is unique in the way that it contains pre-digested nutrients that are available to plants right away. Applying fruit & flower fertilizer regularly will help prevent problems like blossom end rot, or any fruit formation issues during fruiting stage. We absolutely love this product and you can buy yours at https://agrothrive.com/?ref=californiagardeningblog

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Agrothrive Liquid Fertilizer


Agrothrive Website


We are giving away one MARS Hydro TS1000 LED grow light to one of our viewers. We have been using this grow light indoors for many months, it’s a great quality grow light and has helped me germinate a lot of seedlings and even grow plants indoors and extend the growing season. We are excited to announce the winner is “Deepak Prag”, our top fan on facebook. Congratulations!

Facebook Winner

Watch our complete video at California Gardening April 2021 Garden Tour – Harvests, Gardening Tips & More!


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