Spring vegetable harvests, tour of our California Garden, some things for you to do and lot more in today’s episode of California Garden.


We harvested lots of spring vegetables like Detroit dark red beets from our GreenStalk planter, purple sprouting broccoli growing in our raised bed and containers, brussels sprouts which you can grow throughout the year in So Cal. We continued to harvest cabbage from our raised bed and container, Kuroda carrots, corn with beautiful black kernels, black beauty eggplant, garlic growing in our GreenStalk planter, an elephant garlic from the raised bed, and some loquats. We also harvested mint that loved the shaded spot, red-bulbing onions, bunching onions, shelling type peas, multi-colored potatoes from the container, cherry bell giant or crimson radish from the Green Stalk planter, Swiss chard greens, and lots of tomatoes (cherry, little bang, little Sicily, and beef steak).

Spring May Garden Tour


Garden Tour

We will tour the raised bed garden starting with our first raised bed. We have some red onions, cluster beans, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and California cow peas growing in the first bed. We also added some pollinators plants like salvia to raised beds to attract bees. In the second raised bed we have asparagus beans, sowed some carrot and cilantro seeds to the side, some better belle-pepper variety, cabbage, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts engulfed amidst pollinator plants, salvia. In the third bed we have some cucumber plants, lots of okra plants, some bush beans plants, bitter gourd along the trellis, and Cayenne pepper plant. Next raised bed has some bottle gourd plants, corn plants that we just planted, carrots, more cucumbers, pumpkin, Napoli squash, Jambalaya Okra, mouse melon, and a tomato plant that is growing from last year. In the last raised bed we sowed some Okra seeds, Indian white eggplants, bunching onions or shallots, purple thorned eggplants, ivy gourds which are thriving in this warm weather, and some lablab beans.

Raised Beds

In containers we have bunching onions, cilantro, Shishito pepper plants, purple thorned eggplant, turmeric, galangal plant, mouse melon, java plum, and pineapple guava. We also have a curry leaf plant, dwarf bears lemon tree, saffron, sweet corn, Juliet tomatoes, potatoes, red okras, San Marzano tomatoes, long carrots, pepper plants, fenugreek, mint growing in the corner, hyacinth beans which survived the cooler months, red pride hybrid tomato, more bunching onions and shallots. We also have the millionaire eggplants, cluster beans, beets, pepper, a dwarf nectarine tree, tomatillo, ivy gourd plant, pigeon pea plants, and longevity spinach growing in containers. In our GreenStalk leaf planter we sowed 42 onions bulbs and in the classic GreenStalk planter we are growing California cow peas, red okra, thorned eggplant, peppers, eggplants, jalapenos, and radish.


In our front yard, we have bougainvillea’s fringing the wall to the corner which we will shape into a hedge, mustard rose & different rose varieties.


Things To Do

We prepared our raised beds before planting the summer crops. We added drip irrigation, and also amended the soil by adding VermiSterra worm castings. Worm castings help the plants uptake nutrients as it has humus and a lot of other beneficial bacteria. I saw lot of earthworms when I tilled the soil to mix the worm castings in. Water well so the worm castings settle in before adding potting mix to your raised beds. I’m using an organic potting mix from Costco that has good moisture control. Make sure the potting mix that you add has enough organic matter like peat moss to retain moisture.


Peat Moss

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