EPIC Spring Garden Harvests, California Garden Tour April 2022 & a lot more!

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Welcome to today’s episode of California Gardening! In this blog post, we’ll take you through an exciting spring harvest and a tour of our California garden, filled with gardening tips, ideas, and advice. Let’s get started!


We’re thrilled to share the success of our beet cultivation in the Greenstalk herb planter. From golden beets to the rich-colored Detroit Dark Red variety, the planter proved excellent for growing these nutritious root vegetables. With one beet per pocket, we had an abundant harvest, and beets have proven to be one of the easiest crops to grow.




In our raised bed, the early Jersey Wakefield variety of cabbage flourished. The cool-season weather in Southern California provided the perfect conditions for these leafy greens. We utilized a technique of tying the leaves together, resulting in bigger and more vibrant cabbage heads that turned out to be both beautiful and delicious.




Our decision to use a whiskey barrel container for carrots was a great choice. Opting for the Nantes type carrots, commonly found in grocery stores, we were pleasantly surprised by the bountiful produce this small space provided. Carrots indeed proved to be a fantastic crop with a high yield.




In the same raised bed as the cabbage, we experimented with growing cauliflowers. Tying the leaves together gave us larger, crispier heads of cauliflower with a delightful white color. The result was both visually appealing and delicious.




Our kale plants in the raised bed have thrived and grown impressively. Harvesting kale for delicious kale bowls, featuring onions, chickpeas, nuts, and a touch of lime, has become one of our favorite garden-to-table treats.




Kohlrabi, also known as the German cabbage, has become a cherished addition to our spring garden. Its versatility and delicious taste make it a must-have vegetable for any gardener.




Adding a unique twist to our backyard garden, the kumquat fruit has been a delightful discovery. With its sweet skin and slightly sour interior, it not only adds flavor but is also rich in vitamin C.




Another delightful fruit that graces our garden is the loquat. The tropical taste of the loquat fruit makes it a versatile ingredient in various culinary creations.




To enrich the soil with beneficial nutrients, we sowed fenugreek as a cover crop in one of our raised beds. This natural approach helps fix nitrogen in the soil, ensuring the health of our garden.




In a clever space-saving move, we grew Korean radishes in containers next to a golden berry plant. Utilizing our available space efficiently, both crops flourished.




Utilizing the Greenstalk planter, our spinach varieties, including savoy and flat leaf spinach, have thrived. The planter has proven to be an excellent home for these nutritious greens.




In both raised beds and containers, we’ve had various tomato varieties growing. Our experimentation with single-stem tomatoes this season required more attention and care, but the results promise a rewarding harvest.



Garden Tour:

Now, let’s take you on a detailed tour of our garden, exploring what’s growing in each raised bed:

Raised Bed 1: In this bed, onions planted from sets a few months ago are growing well, and we eagerly await their maturity for harvest. Additionally, we tried our hand at growing potatoes here, but they seem to be facing some challenges.

Raised Bed 2: This bed is home to asparagus beans and pole beans. The pole beans are gracefully climbing the trellis, promising a bountiful harvest soon. We’ve also planted eggplants and various pepper varieties, adding diversity to our homegrown produce.

Raised Bed 3: Focusing on brassicas in this bed, we have cauliflowers and cabbages taking center stage. The technique of tying the leaves together has resulted in beautiful, crunchy cauliflower heads, and the kale is growing abundantly, providing us with nutritious greens for our meals.

Raised Bed 4: In this bed, we planted potatoes, and they are nearly ready for harvest. The anticipation of digging up fresh, homegrown potatoes is both exciting and satisfying. Additionally, a few cauliflowers are also thriving here, contributing to our brassica harvest.

Raised Bed 5: This bed is a delightful mix of various vegetables. Chickpeas share space with tomatoes, which have been growing as single-stem plants. The tomatoes have taken off, and we can already see the first fruits forming, promising a delicious yield.

Raised Bed 6: Here, we have a lovely ivy gourd plant that has gracefully climbed the trellis. Soon, it will bear its unique and tasty fruits. Additionally, ridge gourds have been planted here, and we are eager to see how these round gourds develop.

Raised Bed 7: This bed is a blend of herbs and greens. Longevity spinach, cilantro, and radishes are thriving, ready to be harvested for fresh and crunchy salads.


Container Tour:

Next, let’s explore our container garden and see what’s growing in each container:

Container 1: Our thriving gooseberry plant in this container is showing steady growth, and we look forward to its first fruiting season. We’ve also recently planted a jumbo orange fruit tree, eagerly anticipating the prospect of having our own homegrown oranges.

Container 2: This container is home to the robust growth of combo giant okra plants. Hyacinth beans add a touch of beauty as they gracefully climb the trellis.

Container 3: Here, the focus is on Egyptian onions, providing a steady supply of green onions. They are growing well and will soon be ready for harvesting.

Container 4: The highlight of this container is our tomato plants. Opting for single-stem tomatoes this season, the plants are thriving, and the first fruits are already forming, promising a delicious tomato harvest.

Container 5: In this container, snake gourd plants and taro root are growing. The snake gourds are showing significant improvement, and we anticipate a delightful harvest.

Container 6: A beautiful burgundy red okra plant takes center stage in this container, promising striking red okra. Additionally, cauliflower plants are also thriving here, with the cauliflower heads already forming.

Container 7: Bitter melon or bitter gourd is the star of this container. The plant is preparing to climb the trellis and produce its distinctive fruits. We also have a mix of kale and mint, both thriving and providing us with a continuous supply of fresh greens.

Container 8: Recently, we planted a Thai bird’s eye chili pepper plant in this container. We are eager to see how this fiery pepper plant grows and adds spice to our meals.

Container 9: This container is graced by a hyacinth bean plant, gracefully covering the trellis and adding a touch of elegance to the garden.

Container 10: Our longevity spinach plant is growing beautifully in this container, and we anticipate a bountiful supply of this nutritious green.


New Plants: 

In addition to the existing garden beds and containers, we’ve recently introduced some exciting new plants to our Greenstalk planters. Strawberries and cilantro have been added, along with a variety of strawberry plants. These additions will undoubtedly add freshness and flavor to our garden and future meals.



We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of our California garden, filled with the joys and rewards of gardening. From the abundance of beets to the crisp cauliflower heads, and the promising tomatoes to the diverse container garden, our gardening journey has been both rewarding and educational.

If you found our gardening tips and experiences helpful, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and leave your comments in the section below. Happy gardening, fellow garden enthusiasts! Let’s continue nurturing our gardens and sharing the joys of homegrown produce with our loved ones. Until next time!


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